Rene J. Defourneaux

Major Rene J. Defourneaux  “The Fox” author of  The Tracks of the Fox & The Winking Fox.

The Fox spent 22 years as a US Army officer and served with the SOE/OSS in WWII.

The Fox came to the United States as a young Frenchman in 1939, joined the US Army in 1943. He trained as a Military Intelligence specialist and was sent to England in 1944 where he was recruited by the OSS. Transferred and trained by the SOE, he parachuted into occupied France to train and direct the activities of the resistance. Subsequently transferred to Asia with an OSS team he parachuted into Japanese controlled Indochina. There he was to train natives recruited by  Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap.

Rene J. Defourneaux has appeared in several History and A&E channel productions. Defourneaux is also the author of an article entitled  “A Secret Encounter with HO Chi Minh” which appeared in LOOK magazine. Because of his phenomenal good luck, his associates dubbed him “the fox” a description he did not take seriously, hence the “Winking Fox”.